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New school IT lab installed in Malawi

ITSA has now completed the installation of its 35th IT lab at Chimphalika Community Day Secondary School in the Dedza District, Malawi.  Previously, the school of 436 students had only 1 working computer. Our project entailed renovating a classroom, installing a 31-computer lab in the room and providing IT training to the school’s teachers.  The new IT lab will offer many hundreds of students the prospect of receiving an IT education for the first time, as well as enhancing teachers’ IT skills, with additional beneficiaries in local schools and in the local community. On 24th May, 2024, the IT lab was officially opened with our programme manager, the headteacher, representatives from the Ministry of Education and other guests in attendance. Many compliments were paid about the lab and thanks were expressed to Fondation Eagle, CFMS and ITSA.  The school’s management promised to look after the lab, prioritize its use and offer access to neighbouring schools and the local community, with funds raised to go towards the upkeep of the lab.