IT Schools Africa is now The ITSA Digital Trust

Over 6m given access to

digital education & counting!

Welcome to the ITSA Digital Trust – a computer recycling charity that has given access to digital education to over 6m people

34% of the total global population are still offline” ITU, 2022

“Digital technology is improving lives for some, but sadly still leaving far too many behind.  Digital education in Africa is in its infancy due to a lack of computers, the skills to use them and poor infrastructure. 

 In the UK, digital deprivation continues to divide society and exclude people who do not have technology or cannot use it effectively.

Our mission is to improve people’s opportunities in Africa and the UK by giving more access to computers and IT education.”

Geoffrey Newsome – CEO

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Our Partners

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” I work at Oxford University and I have donated computer equipment to IT Schools Africa several times now. The process of donating is extremely easy and the staff are very helpful. Data is professionally and securely wiped and the charity are WEEE compliant.”

Andy Davies – Inter Faculty Head of IT – Oxford University


” We are impressed with your seamless service, the collection is very professional and most important for us the data is safe and secure. It’s a simple way to good with IT equipment that the business no longer needs. It’s easy, great PR, great for the environment, great for kids in Africa. It’s win, win, win!”

Brett Jackson – Head of Client Services – Travis Perkins

Sustainable Development Goals

We have aligned our values with the Sustainable Development Goals which are essentially the pillars of how we work to improve lives through better access to digital technology.  

Latest news

IT Teacher Training Project

We aim to improve the digital proficiencies of teachers and students in Zambia and Zimbabwe and help to integrate the use of ICT into teaching and learning of all subjects. We aim to maximise the benefit …
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New school IT lab installed in Malawi

ITSA has now completed the installation of its 35th IT lab at Chimphalika Community Day Secondary School in the Dedza District, Malawi.  Previously, the school of 436 students had only 1 working computer. Our project entailed renovating …
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Volunteering: Journeys of Giving Back

In a world increasingly reliant on technology, individuals who choose to contribute their time and skills to organisations which are dedicated to bridging the digital divide, play a crucial role in shaping a more inclusive future.Martin …
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DigiBus Update

The DigiBus Project:   “The ‘digital divide’ currently happening in society is frequently talked about but it’s not until it happens to you that you realise how disabling and uncomfortable and potentially dangerous this situation is. I am …
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Data Security is our top priority

The ITSA Digital Trust gives the highest priority to data security. We know that our equipmentdonors do, too. We promise that we will completely erase all data on the hard drives of thedesktop computers and laptops. …
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Dear Friends,

‘Win-win’ is so ‘old school’.  At ITSA we aim for win-win-win-win…  In other words, we want to help as many people (and the environment) as much we can, including: Everyone who supports ITSA and who is …
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700 computers bound for Malawi

Exciting news! We have shipped 700 donated and refurbished computer/laptops to Malawi. Empowering students and communities with the gift of technology. Thank you to all our UK computer donors, supporters and volunteers – awesome work.
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Huge thanks to our supporters

Thanks to the generosity of our wonderful supporters we are delighted to say that we met our Big Give target! We raised an incredible £12,841.25 with Gift Aid. We are so grateful to you for your …
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