IT Schools Africa is now The ITSA Digital Trust


Get involved and donate IT equipment

There are lots of ways of helping the Trust from donating IT equipment, volunteering and of course making a financial donation.

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When you make a donation to The ITSA Digital Trust you make a difference in the lives of children and adults both in Africa and the UK. Here are some examples of how your donation helps:

How your donation helps!

£10 will help train a Senior use their phone

£80 will cover the cost to refurbish a computer

£120 will train a teacher in Africa to teach IT

£1,350 will provide a 10-computer IT suite in Africa

Donating IT equipment

Donating your working IT equipment makes a huge difference to so many lives.

We send only good quality equipment to our country programmes, to ensure the equipment has a further extended life of at least 5 and possibly more years.  ​Equipment must be in good working order and no more than 6 years old and meet the following criteria:

  • Computers (not Vista, XP or Windows 7) – no more than 6 years old   
  • Laptops (with chargers) – no more than 6 years old
  • Flat Screen Monitors (with stands) – monitors can be older than 6 years old
  • USB Keyboards, Mice, Hard drives, RAM, Power Leads and Cables

​Please note we are not currently accepting phones, tablets, iPads, printers, scanners, servers, CRT monitors and no PC with Vista, XP or Windows 7.

Data Security

The ITSA Digital Trust gives the highest priority to data security. We know that our equipment
donors do, too. We promise that we will completely erase all data on the hard drives of the
desktop computers and laptops. Which are donated to us.

Our procedure

Step 1: Tracking – On receipt, each donated desktop computer and laptop is assigned its own unique ITSA ID number and barcode before being entered into our stock database. In addition, we record each hard drive model and serial numbers.

Step 2: Data erasure & Certification – We use professional hard drive wiping software. Global Erasure powered by YouWipe is a software-based method, ensuring that 100% of all data on HDD and SSD devices is completely destroyed and rendered unrecoverable by any current technology. Each disk erasure is verified automatically. YouWipe has been certified by organisations such as NATO, the UK National Cyber Security Centre and ADISA (UK Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance).

“Global Erasure” regulation compliance

  • Meets and exceeds requirements set in Article 17 (“Right
    to be forgotten and to erasure” ) in [EU General Data
    Protection Regulation (Document 52012PC0011)]
  • Conforms with GDPR regulation or data destruction,
    reporting and auditing.
  • Complies with secure data removal requirements in
    ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA and SOX
  • Follows Cryptographic Erase Guidelines accepted by the
    Federal Agencies of the EU and US

Certificates of Erasure – We are happy to provide Certificates of Data Erasure on request

Step 3: Health Check & Completion
In addition to completion of the Data and Certification process, we perform a hard drive “Health Check”. This is to ensure that the hard drives still have a good lifespan left. Hard drives that fail the Data erasure and Certification process or the Health Check are physically destroyed on-site.

If you have some equipment and you are unsure if it can be donated, please give us a call on 01242 228800 or email For any equipment that we can’t accept please contact your local civic amenity centre to find out about recycling collections in your area.

We are registered with the Environment Agency and are fully compliant with WEEE regulations.

​Where possible we send all working equipment to Africa, however for equipment that is not suitable, is damaged or has missing parts we will recycle or resell in the UK. The proceeds are used by the charity to further develop its work in Africa.


    We are looking for volunteers to work in our Cheltenham IT workshop and warehouse assisting with computer refurbishment and helping to increase the through flow of computers ready to send to Africa. We also have office-based roles in marketing and general administration. If you are interested in learning about IT, or if you already have skills in IT we would love to hear from you. Join our friendly and enthusiastic team who share a passion for technology and making a difference to lives in Africa.

    Partner with us

    We partner with like-minded companies in order to maximise impact and invest in win–win relationships. Our vision is for people to gain life enhancing knowledge and skills through accessing and using appropriate digital technology.

    ​The ITSA Digital Trust can help to meet your organisation’s CSR (corporate social responsibility) objectives, by developing a mutually beneficial partnership while you support a great cause. To find out more please call us on 01242 228800 or email

    Please join us on our journey like the wonderful organisations below.

    In other words …

    Edward Gillespie OBE

    Lord-Lieutenant of Gloucestershire

    “I was tremendously impressed by how the charity delivers such a wonderful experience to those in the UK who donate equipment, those in Africa who receive equipment and the team of volunteers who enable this miracle to happen. Since then, I have continued to watch how the charity has progressed thanks to their excellent reports and vibrant social media. The team in Cheltenham should be so proud of what they are achieving. I hope some of those children in Africa with beaming smiles will be able to stroll into the workshop like I did, see how the process starts and say a personal ‘thank you’ to the volunteers and those who donated the equipment.”

    “Having partnered with Kohler Co for a number of years, the team at IT Schools Africa are a pleasure to work with, providing a hugely valuable service which closely aligns to our cultural values and stewardship aims.   By focusing on the ethical reuse and refresh of older computers, IT Schools Africa also helps us limit the volume of both landfill waste and recycling.  Data privacy and security is front and centre at Kohler Co, and the stringent processes and procedures in place at IT Schools Africa makes donating our decommissioned IT equipment simple, safe and secure.  We are delighted to be able to continue our partnership and to support the many fantastic projects and initiatives, both in Africa and the UK.” 

    Simon Ashley and Jon Marshall – Kohler Corporate IT EMEA

    Eve Jardine-Young, Principal Cheltenham Ladies College

    “IT Schools Africa are deeply committed to their vision and purpose, and it has been a joy for us to have been working with them since 2006. Over this period, Cheltenham Ladies’ College has donated 1100 computers, laptops and monitors for sustainable reuse for educational projects in Africa and the UK. 

    There has never been a greater need to help bridge the educational and technological gap, which can be so empowering and transformative in supporting the transition into greater economic welfare for new generations. Having been born and raised in Malawi, I have seen this impact first-hand, and am very supportive of their work.”