IT Schools Africa is now The ITSA Digital Trust

IT Schools Africa to rebrand

In case you missed our exciting news!

After considerable consultation with the team, our donors and stakeholders, we have decided the new name for IT Schools Africa will be The ITSA Digital Trust.

Having recently developed our five-year strategic plan (2022-27), we have decided that our work should be equally weighted in Africa and the UK – this is in recognition of the work ITSA does in the UK, which grew organically during the Covid-19 pandemic. It in no way detracts from the programmes we run in Africa, it’s simply that the charity is growing in both parts of the world.

Lucy Pollock, our former GM commented: “We aim to retain the past 18 years of IT Schools Africa’s heritage by keeping the shortened name ITSA so we have a name that better fits with the work we do in both Africa and the UK.”