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Helping our local community

We are delighted to have received 3,981 visitors since the service began and are pleased to see increasing numbers of learners benefitting from DigiBus. We adapted the DigiBus project over the last six months; making necessary changes to ensure the service continues to be effective and also that it is well utilised. We visited sites with accessible ‘warm spaces’ where we could set up our equipment inside and train people from the local community there.

We also visited schools during the winter months; the DigiBus service provides an exciting and interactive experience for school children to learn about technology and have a greater understanding of how digital works. The children learn about virtual reality systems, robotics, web building, being safe online and much more.

Key findings from DigiBus Evaluation Report May- Dec 2022

Learner Progress

We asked Community learners before and after their Digibus session, how confident they felt about using technology. The average confidence level of learners before their session was 4.3 and after their session it had increased to 7.1.

Learner Outcomes

Improved motivation to use digital technology in the community

69% felt more positive about using digital technology after their visit

Enhanced sense of social connection

37% said that the visit had benefited their health and wellbeing

Increased use of digital skills to improve life opportunities

44% had learnt new skills which would help them in day-to-day life

Learner Feedback 

“After finding out about the wonderful free service the Digibus provides at her local library Linda has become a regular visitor to the Digibus. She has visited the bus on four occasions now, each time learning something new about her device. Initially, the Digibus trainers showed her to use her new iPad, but have also helped her to understand how to organise her apps and set up passwords for online shopping. “Digibus is absolutely wonderful, I don’t feel at all embarrassed asking for help on the bus. I’ve also discovered so many other things about my device I didn’t know. Amazing, unbelievable service!”

Linda, Churchdown Library

Please read full DigiBus Evaluation Report May- December 2022 here