IT Schools Africa is now The ITSA Digital Trust

Volunteering: Journeys of Giving Back

In a world increasingly reliant on technology, individuals who choose to contribute their time and skills to organisations which are dedicated to bridging the digital divide, play a crucial role in shaping a more inclusive future.Martin (pictured above) and ITSA’s other valued volunteers are the unsung heroes who volunteer for ITSA’s charitable team, giving their time … Read more

DigiBus Update

The DigiBus Project:   “The ‘digital divide’ currently happening in society is frequently talked about but it’s not until it happens to you that you realise how disabling and uncomfortable and potentially dangerous this situation is. I am one of the lucky ones who found a team that could help me. This is such an important resource.Please … Read more

Data Security is our top priority

The ITSA Digital Trust gives the highest priority to data security. We know that our equipmentdonors do, too. We promise that we will completely erase all data on the hard drives of thedesktop computers and laptops. Which are donated to us. Our procedure Step 1: Tracking – On receipt, each donated desktop computer and laptop … Read more

Dear Friends,

‘Win-win’ is so ‘old school’.  At ITSA we aim for win-win-win-win…  In other words, we want to help as many people (and the environment) as much we can, including: Everyone who supports ITSA and who is supported by ITSA becomes part of a circle which raises the quality of life of everyone else in the … Read more

700 computers bound for Malawi

Exciting news! We have shipped 700 donated and refurbished computer/laptops to Malawi. Empowering students and communities with the gift of technology. Thank you to all our UK computer donors, supporters and volunteers – awesome work.

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Huge thanks to our supporters

Thanks to the generosity of our wonderful supporters we are delighted to say that we met our Big Give target! We raised an incredible £12,841.25 with Gift Aid. We are so grateful to you for your donations – transforming students lives through access to digital education. ​Thank you to everyone who donated and shared our … Read more

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Supporting IT teaching in Africa

Please read this excellent article written for The Chartered Institute for IT’s ITNow Magazine. From moribund to Malawi: Martin Cooper MBCS reports on The ITSA Digital Trust, a charity which collects unwanted PCs, upcycles them and delivers them to African schools. After years of hard work and loyal service, office computers eventually become victims of … Read more

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Welcome Geoffrey – our new CEO

Geoffrey Newsome joined The ITSA Digital Trust (ITSA) in April 2023 in a new role as Chief Executive. Geoffrey has spent his career in offering services to education, firstly as a teacher overseas and, for the last 20 years, in leadership roles in companies offering products and services to education. Geoffrey commented,‘I have known and … Read more

Helping our local community

We are delighted to have received 3,981 visitors since the service began and are pleased to see increasing numbers of learners benefitting from DigiBus. We adapted the DigiBus project over the last six months; making necessary changes to ensure the service continues to be effective and also that it is well utilised. We visited sites … Read more

Thank you!

A huge thank you to our computer donors

We are really pleased to announce that we have reached another milestone – receiving and processing over 115,000 donated computers and laptops in the UK and saving them from landfill. It only seems like yesterday we were celebrating the fact that we had crossed the 100,000 milestone! 

“Without the fantastic support of our equipment donors, we would not be able to supply so many schools in Africa as well as charity and community organisations in Gloucestershire with quality refurbished IT equipment.”

Simon Richardson, UK Operations Manager

As ever we are always in need of equipment, so if you have any or know people and organisations who might have IT equipment please let us know. Email :