IT Schools Africa is now The ITSA Digital Trust

Dear Friends,

‘Win-win’ is so ‘old school’.  At ITSA we aim for win-win-win-win…  In other words, we want to help as many people (and the environment) as much we can, including:

  • accepting people’s and organisations’ used IT equipment
  • providing refurbished devices to schoolchildren in Africa and to people who cannot afford devices in Gloucestershire
  • giving IT training to teachers and schoolchildren in Africa
  • offering personalised IT assistance to marginalised people in Gloucestershire
  • building whole IT labs in schools in Africa
  • welcoming volunteers
  • giving prison inmates employable skills
  • helping organisations to meet their CSR and ESG needs
  • giving people IT equipment and IT skills to improve their lives

Everyone who supports ITSA and who is supported by ITSA becomes part of a circle which raises the quality of life of everyone else in the circle.  Thank you for your wonderful contribution.  Please help us to continue to expand the circle with donations of IT equipment or money and with contacts, so that we can all help and be helped by many more people.

With kindest wishes, Geoffrey Newsome